Friday, November 14, 2008


Subject: Your Flight Ticket N 45491 (number varies)
AVs: 4/36 (11.12%) kas, mca, sop, the

Good day, (greeting varies)
We appreciate deeply your decision to get our new service - "Purchase your airplane ticket On-line" on our website.
You have just created your account:

Login: (recipient's email)
Password: PASSC4D4 (last 4 characters are random)

Your credit card has been charged for $811.49. (random $800 amount)
We are glad to inform you that each time you are getting airplane tickets with the help of our site you are given a reduction of 15%!
In the ZIP archive added to this letter you can find purchase Invoice and your airplane ticket. So just colour print the ticket and start your wonderful journey!

Good luck,
USA3000 Airlines

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