Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Subject: Your internet access is going to get suspended
AVs: 9/36 (25.00%) An, eS, Ik, Pa, Se, So, Su, Tr, VB

Your internet access is going to get suspended
The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, artists.We conduct regular wiretapping on our networks, to monitor criminal acts.
We are aware of your illegal activities on the internet wich were originating fromYou can check the report of your activities in the past 6 month that we have attached.
We strongly advise you to stop your activities regarding the illegal downloading of copyrighted material of your internet access will be suspended.

ICS Monitoring Team


Unknown said...

i just received this to my e-mail. should i be concerned if anything on my computer was affected by it?

...phread said...

Holly, if you simply received it, and didn't open the attachment, you'll be fine, just delete it. If you did open the attachment, you should probably consider running some external Avti-Virus scans on your machine to attempt to remove it.