Monday, October 13, 2008


Subject: Credit Card Fraud Involving, Fraud Transactions, Your the Account Statement, Security Department, Information of Your Transactions, Dear Holder, Fraud Defense
AVs: 3/36 (8.34%) mca, sop, the

Dear Credit Card Holder:

The last transaction report on your credit card shows a number
of transactions that have questionable background.
That gives us reasons to believe that your credit card details
have been stolen, and your card has been abused for making
unauthorized payments.

Enclosed is the listing of transactions made with your credit card
between 01.10.2008 and 13.10.2008. Please look through
the enclosed document carefully and pay special attention to
the last three of the listed transactions – they are the ones that
we suspect to be fraudulent.

Please find time to review the enclosed account statement and
confirm the transactions you have authorized in person.
This would help us both to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

The Word-formatted copy of your transaction list is enclosed in
the ZIP-compressed attachment to this message.

Respectfully (closing varies)
Audra Brown (name varies, matches sender)
Manager of Credit Card Security

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