Monday, October 6, 2008

X.Generic Malware.a!zip

Subject: Fraud Transactions, Information of Your Transactions, Dear Holder, Fraud Defense, Security Department, Credit Card Fraud Involving
AVs: 2/36 (5.56%) mca, the

Hello (greeting varies)
Dear Credit Card Holder:

Please be aware that a credit card fraud involving your credit card
has been registered by our security department. For your information,
we are sending you the account statement that includes all transactions
made with your credit card from 01.09.2008 through 03.09.2008.
Please take a note of the last three transactions on the list,
which have been recognized as fraudulent.

We highly recommend you to inform us of the transactions you have
made personally. Thus, you will help us and yourself to resolve this issue
as soon as possible.

An MS Word document containing your account statement in is enclosed
in the archive attached to this message.

Best regards (closing varies)
Morton Atkins (name varies, matches 'from' field)
Manager of Credit Card Fraud Defense