Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Subject:Track your parcel No565810
Attachment: Post_Label_N0#75347
AVs: Bit, Comm, F-P, F-S, GD, K7, nP,So 8/42 (19.0%)
Dear customer.
Your package has been sent to your address.
Please find a post label attached which contains a track number of your package.
You can find out an exact date of the delivery with the help of the track number.
Thank you.
DHL Customer.

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Unknown said...

Really Good Shipping Return!!

Orders usually ships within 24-48 hours, once your order has been shipped, an e-mail with tracking number will be sent to your contact e-mail within the next 48 hours. It will indicate which carrier was used and a method of tracking the order to your door.Hermes bag