Thursday, October 14, 2010


Subject: UPS Online Service. Error delivery address number 7114
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AVs:10 /43 (23.3%) Au, Cat, Cl, eS, F-P, Jia, K7, PcT, So, TheH


Dear client
Your parcel has arrived at the post office on October 12. Our Driver was unable to deliver the parcel to your address.To receive a parcel you must go to the nearest UPS office and show your mailing label.Mailing label is attached to this letter.

You need to print mailing label, and show it in UPS office to receive the parcel.

Thank you for your attention.

UPS Global Services.

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Unknown said...

Yes sir, I grasp this information. It's fortune when I don't need to receive anything in this period. Hope that other users can receive their items easily. Before, I go to the UPS office to get shell shockers. Although there was a problem, it could be solved fast.