Tuesday, September 16, 2008

X.Sus/Behav-102, X.Sus/Behav-1021.v2

Subject: Re: Missing Package
Attachment: invoice.zip
AVs: 9/36(25%) ant, aut, bit, cat, fp, ik, sop, sun, web

Mr./Mrs. (name of Target)

I am sorry for this late reply, but we have good news.
We managed to track your package, and we have attached the invoice you asked for to this reply.

The invoice contains the correct tracking# , since the one you gave us was invalid.
You can use it on the ups website to track your shipment.

Thank you

John Henry
UPS Customer Care Department


I have recently used UPS to send a package to my cousin but he never received it.
Also , the tracking number doesn't check on the website, and I lost the invoice.
Can you forward me a copy?

Here you have the tracking# : 03073332100016836200

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